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We see advertisements on TV and on the web about piles, so we know that they are common. But what exactly are piles? In short, they are enlarged veins under the skin. They can develop either in the anal canal inside of the rectum, or right outside the anal cavity.

Constipation is known to be the most common cause of piles. It can also aggravate the situation if you already do have piles. When you are constipated, your stools become hard that's why you need to strain during bowel movement. When you strain, the blood vessels in your anal region becomes swollen and inflamed.

The second step would be to add more fiber into your diet. Fiber, especially those that come from leafy vegetables, cereals and whole grains, act as a scouring pad for your intestines. Fiber helps make it easier for your stool to pass through your bowels and out of your system. This piles remedy will really help you.

Protruding Mass - With external piles you can feel the swelling around the anal opening. Internal piles cannot always be detected but as they become worse they may protrude during a bowel movement and then retract by themselves on completion. If the condition becomes worse the piles may not go back. This is one of the causes of anal leakage.

Utilize OTC and natural drugs and remedies to reduce the pain and irritation from piles. Natural remedies are best, but drugs containing cortisone can also be effective.

Normally piles are treated according to symptoms. Constipation is treated, anemia is treated, and so on. There are a number of medical treatments that can be used to remove more info the piles. Unless the cause is treated by lifestyle changes the piles may possibly return.

Apart from those treatments, the best treatment is to avoid chronic constipation. The patients can achieve this by adding more fibrous foods in their diets. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber. This fiber can help in your digestion and bowel movements.

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